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Aloha!  I am a physician who is Board certified in Internal Medicine, with more than 20 years of experience.  Before moving to Hawaii, I worked as a hospitalist and saw  the devastation caused by poorly managed chronic illnesses, usually the "silent killers" like diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol.  I also saw regret in many of my patients' eyes that they had not taken better care of their health.


Several of them had a poor quality of life leading to stress and depression as well as a decreased lifespan. Sometimes they had prohibitive out of pocket spending on medical care including co-pays, deductibles and medications, even with "good insurance" coverage.  I also came to realize that these diseases are often preventable, and frequently reversible with lifestyle modifications such as improved diet and exercise.

 What my patients really needed was someone to help them set goals and stick to them. They needed practical instruction on how to make healthier food choices, incorporate more activity in their day and deal with stress in a better way.  This dialogue is impossible in the traditional model,  due to time constraints and administrative demands on physicians. 

I began to strongly advocate Lifestyle Medicine  principles to help my patients achieve and maintain a vibrant state of health.  They comprehended the "why" but had difficulty with the "how". Since most physicians are not taught the details of good nutritive advice or specifics of the power of lifestyle modifications, I set about educating myself more thoroughly.  This included attending conferences by The Plantrician Project, The American College of Lifestyle Medicine, and The Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine.  These educational opportunities showed strong evidence that 80% of chronic illnesses can be prevented or reversed by adopting simple lifestyle changes. 

My wish is to partner with you and your primary care practitioner toward the common goal of your improved overall health with the least amount of medications possible.  I am an innovator and offer "old fashioned" personalized care upgraded for modern life in this new kind of practice.  Virtual visits through a secure and confidential portal are offered at your convenience.  I believe that spending time to get to know you and offer recommendations based on your unique needs is critical to your improved health.  

My bio:

Medical school- India

Internal Medicine Residency-Texas

Member of American College of Lifestyle Medicine and completed Core Competencies

Graduate of Dr. Lissa Rankin's Whole Health Medicine Institute-2016

A few personal facts about me:

I start many days with a walk in the morning while listening to a book or uplifting podcast after I have meditated.  Sometimes I am working out at the local gym or attending Zumba classes.  You may even catch me teaching an Indian cooking class with my husband.  I also love to travel and occasionally hop on a yoga mat.  But most of all,  hanging out at the beach whenever I can, brings me joy.  I definitely believe in practicing what I preach!!