How it works


As a Lifestyle Medicine focused practitioner, I encourage all patients seeking my services to choose another physician for their primary care needs.  Prior to making an appointment with me, it would be helpful to ask your primary care doctor's office to forward your relevant medical records and recent test results.

A)  What is the structure of your medical practice?

First visit: 45-60 minutes

We start with a VERY comprehensive intake process as we discuss:

* Your medical history, medication list and recent blood work. 

* Your current habits around physical activity, nutrition, sleep, sources of stress and  anything else that keeps you from having a sense of balance and well-being. 

* Any specific concerns you may have regarding other aspects of your health. 

Together we prioritize your goals around what improvements you would like to see.  Referrals to other healthcare providers such as a dietitian, physical therapist or counselor may be suggested as well.

Currently, only online visits are offered through the HMSA Online Care portal.

Follow up appointments: 30-45 minutes

* Continue to work on goals set. 

* Check for improvement in bio markers and follow up labs as indicated. 

* Celebrate wins and discuss challenges as they come up, so they can be addressed and rectified.

* Adjust medications and hopefully, discontinue them as you continue on your path to better overall health.

B) How is this practice different from others?

In the current era of short visits with your frazzled doctor and fragmented care among various specialists, time needed to get to really know you in a wholistic way and to help you learn and maintain healthier habits, has taken a backseat.  

This Lifestyle Medicine practice is designed to spend more time at each visit, focusing thoroughly on nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress reduction, and any other aspects of your life that you feel is impeding you from attaining and maintaining your most optimal state of health.  

Please note that I will not be functioning as your primary care physician as our focus is different from a traditional practice.

C) What is Lifestyle Medicine and how will it help me? 

It is simply getting back to the basics. Eating nourishing food, moving more, being at one with our environment, "going with the flow when the going gets tough" are some of the health pillars. It is simple, but behavioral change can be difficult for some. To sustain change is quite a challenge as well, because life sometimes gets in the way! I will be your coach and partner on your journey to the best possible health.  

The focus of this type of practice is to empower YOU, the patient.  The focus is NOT to "maintain and manage" your dis-ease state.  Rather, it is to adopt healthy lifestyle practices with the goal of decreasing your use of medications, hospital visits or even frequent clinic visits. In the long run, you get to lead a life full of possibilities and potentially lighten the load on your wallet. Results, of course, will only be as good as your commitment and adherence to the program.

D) Do you take insurance?

Yes.  Please contact us by email at to see if your insurance is covered. The usual co-pays and deductibles for office visits will apply.

If you do not have insurance, ask about our membership package.